Content Marketing to Enhance Your Online Presence

Content marketing to improve your visibility

Content Marketing to Enhance Your Online Presence

Content marketing has always been an indispensable part of all digital marketing strategies. An articulately done blog or an infographic creates an immediate connect with your prospective customers.

Creating an engaging and relevant content is closely followed by sensible distribution of content across the web. Your reader is presented with multitude of choices. To drive him to your page is half the battle won; keeping him on the page is the other half which your crisp content will win for you.

The key to creating high quality web content is to “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” – Leo Burnett.

Content marketing involves simple actions such as writing blogs, maintaining social media pages etc. These activities do not require technical expertise. Unlike SEO activities, pure content marketing does not need complex technical skills. Also, inbuilt analytics tools in various platforms allow you assess whether the content is pulling enough visitors or not.

Some simple ways of making your content visible across the web:

Mobile friendly content: Modern day web readers are likely to access the website via smartphones, tablets, and/or mobile devices. A mobile friendly site is likely to receive more traffic because of its ease of access on any device from anywhere by the user. Thus same content with a bit of fine-tuning attracts more visitors at no major additional cost.

Blog regularly to make search engines spot you: Regular blogging means new content on your website every week, twice a week or every month. Whatever is your frequency of writing, regular posts position your website as an active site which always has something valuable to share.  The practice retains regular visitors and attracts new visitors. In addition, Google favorably indexes the web site that comes up with regular updates.

Include FAQs in your webpage: Sift through your mail inbox and create a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Now write answers to these questions in a crisp and engaging way. Maintaining an FAQ section allows you a page where you can add external and internal links along with keywords and phrases. FAQs are your genuine attempt at addressing customer queries and search engines reward it.

Do not ignore social media: Posting content on social media is for free. Use them to your advantage. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are the places where you can engage with your customer directly. These platforms allow you watch what your fellow sellers are doing; accordingly you can emulate their success story or refrain from repeating their mistakes. You can also map the number of visitors on your page on these social networking sites giving you a fair idea about your content reach.

Monika Gupta