Our Services

At MontavayaConsultants we are dedicated to provide all our clients customised content solutions. We also offer a range of editorial services as well as publishing assistance to help authors with better presentation of their work and publish it.  Whether it is writing fresh content for a new website or refurbishing the existing content for SEO purpose contact us today. Take a look at our services.

Every manuscript needs editing. Editing takes rough edges off the manuscript. Do not let your hard work be rejected by the reader simply because of missing punctuation or inappropriate word expression. Of course, editing goes way beyond fixing grammar and syntax. At Montavaya, we take special care in explaining every suggested change in the manuscript to the author …

Manuscript ready! Want to share it with the world? But not sure, how! Team Montavaya offers guidance and services to get your work published in print and digitally. From helping authors getting pre-press copy ready to design the most appropriate book cover, we at Montavaya assist you with deciding upon the best according to your choice. Call now to know more.

Content writing for a new website: You know your business best and we are best at explaining your business in words to your customers. Accurately written website content not only impresses your customers but also impresses Google search engines that give you a higher rating for original and correct content.

Content refurbishing for new or existing or website: Wondering why search engines are ignoring your site! Fresh content can do the trick. Original content plays an important role in your SEO strategies. Original content with just the right amount of keywords and hyperlinks can do wonders to your website ratings by Google. Team Montavaya can rewrite the content, eliminate the prior mistakes, and freshen up the placement of content on your webpage; in short, give the website a complete makeover.

Written words are your salesperson one – portals. Customers like to buy products that are precisely described with important features highlighted. Images can fill in for a display of your product but products are sold through an effective presentation by a salesperson, i.e., good product descriptions on your web pages. Reach us for perfectly written product descriptions.

Blogging is a wonderful way of keeping in touch with your existing customer base as well as attracting new customers. Your blogs should be informative and unbiased posts about the product category you are promoting. However, writing a regular post can be time-consuming. Share your thoughts with team Montavaya and we will provide you with tailor-made write-ups ready to be posted directly on your web page.

Press releases in reputed publication can enhance your brand credibility. A well written press release helps in brand positioning and expanding your customer base. Team Montavaya consists of experts to write you the relevant press releases.

Social media posts ensure that millennials do not miss out on your message, At the same time, social media posts need to be packed with information in a limited number of words so that it does not escape the limited attention span of the social media users. Regular posts about your products or services should always be included in your online promotion mix.